Hydraulic Ram Repairs & Cylinder Manufacturing

We are a hydraulic cylinder repair specialist. We also manufacture hydraulic rams. Our manufacturing unit is based in Mohill, Co Leitrim, Ireland.

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What we do

We specialise in hydraulic cylinder repairs and manufacture hydraulic rams in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.  We work with the LARGE BORE hydraulic cylinders and can handle hydraulic rams up to 600 mm diameter and 12 meters in length.

We can repair and manufacture single acting hydraulic cylinders as well as double acting hydraulic cylinders.  Therefore, we do many hydraulic ram repairs for machines such as bulldozers, excavators and trenchers for the Quarry and Mining industry. Accordingly, this includes Plant Hire, Construction and Civil Engineering sectors.

We also manufacture and repair rams for industrial applications.  For example, Waste, Recycling, Energy and Forestry sectors. Other sectors might include Manufacturing, Injection Moulding and Engineering companies.  Furthermore, this often involves building custom large bore hydraulic rams.

We offer serviced exchange cylinders for some models of Hitachi excavator and also carry out repairs & refurbish the cylinders of other makes including Cat, Komatsu etc.

New rods can be manufactured, cylinders re-honed and high quality seals fitted.

We can supply seal kits from our large stock.  Although, if the parts of the hydraulic cylinder are in any way damaged, then it is advisable to replace them with new parts by a professional with the correct equipment. Trying to replace or repair too many parts on your own can lead to faulty reassembly and cost more to repair.

Quality Workmanship

To ensure quality and excellence, we use induction hardened chrome bar for Quarry and Mining applications. In fact, only top grade, tried, tested and fully certified materials are used for all repair and manufacturing work we do.

We pride ourselves on our quick and efficient repair work. Therefore, it is important that we work closely with our customers. This ensures that the finished hydraulic ram / cylinder meets the full requirements supplied.

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Hydraulic Ram Repairs Self Inspection Guide for Agricultural Industry

Changing the seals on your hydraulic ram

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damaged cylinder component before remanufacture

We repair hydraulic cylinders used on these machines and more...