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Hydraulic Ram Manufacturers - Specialising in Large Rams

We are a hydraulic cylinder repair specialist. We also manufacture hydraulic rams. Our manufacturing unit is based in Mohill, Co Leitrim, Ireland.

Hydraulic rams and hydraulic cylinders are essential components in all Hydraulic equipment and systems. Therefore, choosing the right hydraulic ram is the key to better performance.


Whatever the size and purpose of your hydraulic ram, here is some key points that you should consider when choosing and designing the right hydraulic ram.


Firstly, consider how much physical support the ram and piston needs. Taking into account the stroke length and whether you require a stop-tube to provide further support and prevent jack-knifing. For instance an oversize rod might serve a better purpose.


Too often the piston rod size is overlooked. The piston rod needs to be large and strong enough to cope with the workload of each application.  Otherwise, the cylinder can weaken and succumb to unnecessary stress. Ultimately, this will shorten the lifespan of the product.


Standard cylinders are unsuitable where special conditions apply. Therefore, cylinder mountings need a full evaluation. In some cases, a rigid mount is required, such as when there is a linear motion. However, in other scenarios such as when the motion is curvilinear, a swivel mount will need to be used. In addition, you might wish to consider push versus pull when it comes to mounts.


Rod buckling might occur from compression applications that use long strokes. Therefore, we recommend the maximum allowable push stroke length is calculated with the cylinder rod fully extended.

What to expect from us

At Armstrong Hydraulic Cylinders, we take into consideration all of these factors whilst manufacturing new hydraulic rams. This ensures the ram is fit for its intended use.


We take manufacturing and repairs of these components very seriously. Therefore, we ensure the highest levels of service as well as highest quality components for all work we undertake. Our product components are fully certified.


Before we begin work on manufacturing a hydraulic ram or cylinder, we discuss your requirements in full.  Thus to ensure the part is suitable for its use and complete the product to a high standard.

The hydraulic cylinder below is an example of 1 of our projects – It’s dimensions are: 250mm rod and 500mm bore

Same hydraulic cylinder, painted, boxed & ready for delivery.

We design and manufacture a wide range of Hydraulic cylinders including Double Acting and Single acting cylinders.

Size Range:

  • Up to 9m in length

  • From 100mm to 600mm bore

  • Working pressure up to 350 bar

  • Piston Rods up to 500mm diameter


  • Up to 9m in length

  • End of stroke cushioning

  • Specialised materials as required

  • Hone tubes from 75mm to 600mm diameter

  • Hone tubes from 75mm to 600mm diameter

  • Fast and efficient delivery service

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